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We Turn Your Vision into Reality by Providing Funding for Financial Freedom and Business Opportunities

Small Business Grant Florida

Small Start-up Business Grant in Florida

Small Business Owners Hire Us to Advocate on their behalf.

Our specialty is negotiating with banks and lenders to secure better rates and terms for our clients.

Small Business Grants Loans is comprised of a team of seasoned experts who are experienced in loan negotiations. We incorporate best practices and proven tactics to get our clients the funds they need at reasonable terms.

Instead of working for the lending institutions, we work for you: the business owner.

We help business owners acquire Lines of Credit, Invoice Factoring, Merchant Cash Advances, Unsecured Business Loans, Traditional Term Loans, and SBA Loans.

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At Small Business Grants Loans, our objective is to help you get the funding you need, when you need it. We are experienced in loans ranging from SBA and VA to PPP Loans.  Our goal is to get you the best terms and the best rates to keep your business on track.


Our services also include taking the worry and the stress out of the entire loan situation. It is stressful enough just knowing you need business capital but in most cases the borrowers get taken advantage of by the lending institutions and banks and the average deal is a lopsided win for the lenders and banks.

At Small Business Grants Loans, we put a stop to that and the lenders and banks in our network understand they need to come with a sharper pencil as we will always begin the grinding process to maximize our clients best possible options for rates and terms. We deal with the popular loans such as SBA, PPP, Veterans Business Loans, Lines of credit, and much more.

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